Telos IV BT
The Battle Of Telos IV Had Many Casulties And Lots of Battling Affilations. Carth Onasi Commanded The Fleets Of Telos. While The Exile Was Battling on the Ravager Several Sith And affilations were battling on the World,Such Deaths encountered: Several Onderon Troops As Well As Kahoonda Miltia And Various TSF Officers Such as Daxis Rune Echan Toph And Isbell Rune,Citizen Had many casualties One Czerka Corporation Mirlian Named Jana Lorso Was Killed by a sith turret(Cut Content). Many Ships Were lost And a Sith lord and his cruiser The Ravager. DeltaX7492024 Squad Was a TSF Squad that encountered Several Sith Enemies Alike.
The Battle of Telos03:50

The Battle of Telos

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